Does it matter if you service your car late?

Is it okay to service car late?

SHOULD I BE WORRIED? A reasonable delay in servicing, such as exceeding it by 1000km or so when the recommended interval is 15,000km, will not cause damage to your engine.

How long can you delay a car service?

Read the maintenance schedule of your car manual and find out what actually is required for it. Delay of about 1-2 is fine however that too depends on the use. If it’s not being used much then delay of even 2-3 months is fine however if it’s in extensive running then it should not be delayed.

What happens if I don’t get my car serviced on time?

By not servicing your car you are likely to find that its performance may deteriorate. This may mean that you start to hear strange noises, have little problems with general running and lights start to pop up all over the dashboard.

Can I drive my car with the service light on?

Is it safe to drive when the service required warning light is on? While your car’s drivability shouldn’t be affected, driving for extended periods with the light on will cause excess wear and tear on the engine. Especially with oil, not changing it at regular intervals will severely shorten your engine’s lifespan.

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Is it the law to service your car?

Unlike an MOT, servicing your car isn’t compulsory. … By servicing your car each year, you lower the chances of your car breaking down, keep your warranty valid and reduce the chances of your insurance company refusing to payout in the event of an accident.

Why is my service light still on after a service?

When the service alert light comes on depends on the car and how you’re running it. Some simply operate on a mileage or calendar basis. They know that the car needs servicing every 10,000 miles or 12 months. Once the miles hit 10,000 after the service computer has been reset, the light will illuminate.

How long can you drive with service engine light?

The check engine light could illuminate for several reasons. Here are some of the most common ones: A faulty oxygen sensor: The oxygen sensor checks the amount of oxygen in the exhaust system and relays it to the onboard computer to adjust the fuel and air mixture.

How long can a new car go without an oil change?

Due to this, cars can generally go 5,000 to 7,500 miles before needing an oil change. Furthermore, if your vehicle uses synthetic oil, you can drive 10,000 or even 15,000 miles between oil changes. However, keep in mind that these numbers are just general guidelines.