What do the British call a windshield?

Windscreen – n – Windshield.

What do the English call a windshield?

The term windscreen is the usual term in the British Isles and Australasia for all vehicles. In the US windscreen refers to the mesh or foam placed over a microphone to minimize wind noise, while a windshield refers to the front window of a car.

Is windshield American English or British English?

the large glass window at the front of a vehicle. The American word is windshield.

What do the British call a glove box?

‘Glovebox’ maybe creeping in, but most Brits would call the small stowage compartment in the passenger side of the dashboard a glove compartment. In my house, this evening, there was a 5 to 1 majority in favour of glove compartment.

What do Brits call a garage?

Garage = Americans put a “zsa” on the end like Zsa Zsa Gabor, pronounced ga-RAHJ. In the U.K., it’s pronounced “GARE-idge.” Like, “Can I park my bike in your GARE-idge?”

Why do Brits say lorry?

‘Lorry’ is used throughout the UK . It came in from an older form of English meaning ‘to pull’ and was first applied to ‘trucks’ on the railway. As more trucks took to the road rather than rail and each truck was independent, ‘lorry’ came to refer to those things ‘pulled’ by an engine in front.

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What do the British call a beach?

The British say “go to the seaside” (meaning I’m going to spend some time at the beach, swim, sunbathe etc.) It’s like “going to the mountains” or “going to the lake.” However, I once heard an Aussie saying: “I’m going to the sea” not the “seaside” meaning the same.

What is the British word for corn?

In American English the word “corn” refers to the seeds of the maize plant, or the plant itself. In British English, “maize” is a tall plant with large yellow seeds that grow together on a cob (= long hard part), and which are eaten as food, made into flour or fed to animals.

What is drapes in British English?

drapes in British English

(dreɪps ) or draperies (ˈdreɪpərɪz ) plural noun mainly US and Canadian. curtains, esp ones of heavy fabric. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright © HarperCollins Publishers.

What do Brits call a car horn?

Hooter: A car horn. Wing: The fender of a vehicle. Junction: Where two roads intersection (aka intersection) Lay-by: Rest areas along roads or motorways. Tailback: A really, really major traffic jam.

Why do British people call it a bonnet?

Hood comes from the Old English word hod which means a hood, a soft covering for the head. … The term car bonnet is a British term, used primarily in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, India, New Zealand, Australia, etc. Bonnet comes from the Old French word bonet, which means cloth used as a headdress.

What do British call roundabouts?

Most of the western part of the country calls them “roundabouts,” while in the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic, they’re “traffic circles.” In New England, pockets of Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire call them “rotaries.”

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What is a backpack called in England?

Originally Answered: What do they call backpacks in England? We call them backpacks, rucksacks, bergans ( in the army), occasionally framesacks or frame packs.