What engine is in a Mountfield mower?

Mountfield Lawnmowers with Honda Engine.

What engines do Mountfield mowers use?

Powered by STIGA and Honda engines, Mountfield petrol lawnmowers are easy to start and have been specifically designed to offer optimum speed for high performance.

Where are Mountfield engines made?

Mountfield being part of Global Garden Products (GGP) may well have their own manufacturing facility in China as do MTD. Have been reliably informed that the Chinese plant producing the Loncin engines available from several sources in the UK also manufactures for Honda and BMW.

Do Mountfield use Briggs and Stratton?

Mountfield are well aware that a great mower must have a great engine, so they’ve equipped the SP185 with a Briggs & Stratton 300-Series motor with an OHV configuration that works to drastically reduce emissions, vibration and fuel consumption; and a Lo-Tone™ muffler, which makes the working-environment a whole lot …

Do Mountfield mowers have Honda engines?

The SP535 HW is a mower capable of tackling any lawn. The 53cm cutting width and powerful 167cc Honda GCVx170 Autochoke petrol engine make this mower a joy to use.

Technical specs.

Power source Petrol
Power 3.3 kW
Engine Brand Honda
Engine model GCVx170 OHV Autochoke
Displacement 167 cm³
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Who makes Mountfield?

Designed to provide customers with excellent value for money, Mountfield’s mowers and gardening maintenance top quality tools are known for their reliability. The brand became part of The STIGA Group in 2000. To discover the complete range, visit MOUNTFIELD website.

Are Mountfield mowers made in UK?

Where are Mountfield lawn mowers made? Mountfield has a long and proud history in the UK and is still very much a Europe-based company.

Which lawnmowers are made in the UK?

British made mowers to give you a perfectly-striped lawn this…

  • British made: Hayter Spirit Lanwmower. This has a Briggs & Stratton 155 cc engine designed to be easy to start and to resist rust. …
  • Classically British: Hayter Harrier 48 lawn mower. The Hayter Harrier 48 Autodrive B.B.C. …
  • Top machine: Hayrer Harrier 56.

Are ATCO and Mountfield the same?

British lawnmower makers have declined in numbers in recent years. … Separately, Bosch licensed the Atco and Suffolk Punch brands to Italian company Global Garden Products, which now also owns former British mower manufacturer Mountfield.

Where are Stiga mower engines made?

Stiga Group (formerly GGP Spa) is a European manufacturer and distributor of lawnmowers and a wide range of motorized garden tools. It is headquartered in Castelfranco Veneto (Italy).

Are Stiga and Mountfield the same?

The brand Mountfield is part of the company STIGA Group (formerly GGP Group), that also includes the four local brands ATCO, STIGA, Alpina and Castelgarden. The Group is present in more than 70 major nations worldwide and has its headquarter located in Castelfranco Veneto, Treviso (Italy).

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Is Mountfield a British company?

MOUNTFIELD. Mountfield has been a number one UK brand for over 55 years, the lawnmowers, lawn tractors and garden care products all share a reputation for outstanding quality and reliability.