What is vehicle in chemistry?

(vē′ĭ-kəl) An inactive substance that is combined with an active medication to facilitate administration.

What is called vehicle?

noun. any means in or by which someone travels or something is carried or conveyed; a means of conveyance or transport: a motor vehicle; space vehicles. a conveyance moving on wheels, runners, tracks, or the like, as a cart, sled, automobile, or tractor.

What is vehicle example?

Cars, trucks, buses, wagons, motorbikes, bicycles, boats, airplanes, and spacecraft, for example, are vehicles. Some dictionaries, however, stress that the term only includes devices that transports people, live cargo, or goods on land.

What is meant by vehicle type?

Vehicle type means a category of power-driven vehicles which do not differ in essential engine/vehicle and OBD system characteristics. … This applies to both the towing vehicle and trailer.

What is the vehicle of a drug?

Preferred Name: Drug Vehicle. Definition: A substance used as a medium for administration of a pharmaceutical. FDA Definition: A substance that facilitates the use of a drug, or other material mixed with it, not covered by other terms (e.g. oleaginous vehicle).

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What is a vehicle make?

Simply put, the make is the brand of the car and the model is the specific product.

What is the use of vehicle?

A vehicle is a machine such as a car, bus, or truck which has an engine and is used to carry people from place to place. The vehicle would not have the capacity to make the journey on one tank of fuel.

What is a vehicle in biology?

vehicles. A carrier or inert medium used as a solvent (or diluent) in which the medicinally active agent is formulated and or administered.

What is the sentence of vehicle?

(9) She was blinded by the lights from an oncoming vehicle. (10) He had been using the vehicle to tow his work trailer. (11) A truck driver died last night when his vehicle overturned. (12) Investment in fixed assets is an important vehicle for ensuring that the latest technology is available to business.

What are the names of vehicles?

List of Vehicles

  • Van.
  • Taxi.
  • Police car.
  • Bus.
  • Ambulance.
  • Skateboard.
  • Baby carriage (US)/ Pram (UK)
  • Bicycle.

What is the difference between a vessel and a vehicle?

As nouns the difference between vehicle and vessel

is that vehicle is a conveyance; a device for carrying or transporting substances, objects or individuals while vessel is (nautical) any craft designed for transportation on water, such as a ship or boat.

How many types of vehicles are there?

A. India has a diverse range of cars available to own but most cars come in one of seven car body types: Hatchback, Sedan, SUV, MUV, Coupe, Convertible, and Pickup Truck.

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Is bicycle a vehicle?

A bicycle is considered both a vehicle and a form of transportation. As a vehicle, it has to obey all traffic laws except those that are expressly stated to be for automobiles, trucks, etc.

What does vehicle mean in research?

A vehicle control is used in studies in which a substance (e.g., saline or mineral oil) is used as a vehicle for a solution of the experimental compound. In a vehicle control, the supposedly innocuous substance is used alone, administered in the same manner in which it will be used with the experimental compound.

What does vehicle mean in microbiology?

The term vehicle transmission refers to the transmission of pathogens through vehicles such as water, food, and air. Water contamination through poor sanitation methods leads to waterborne transmission of disease.

What does vehicle mean in math?

Webster Dictionary

way, wain. See Way, n., and cf. Convex, Inveigh, Veil, Vex.] Vehiclenoun. that which is used as the instrument of conveyance or communication; as, matter is the vehicle of energy.