Should I detail my car before I trade it in?

Is it worth getting a car detailed before trade-in?

Generally speaking,the answer is: no. Simply give the car a good interior cleaning (vac, etc) and run it through a car wash. It’s not a bad idea to do that but depends on how much the detailing would improve the look of the car and how much it costs you! When trading in it is probably not worth the cost.

Do I need to detail my car before selling?

An auto detail prior to selling your vehicle is a must-do. Your car will look newer, buyers will see it’s well-maintained, and you’ll be able to ask more for it.

Does detailing a car increase value?

According to used car experts, annual professional detailing can boost the market value of your vehicle by up to 15%, depending upon the make, year and overall condition. Without question, auto detailing increases your car’s worth, especially when it’s over five years old.

Does cleaning your car increase trade in value?

Make sure that your car looks its best

Fix points out that a clean and well-maintained car is most likely to get the highest trade-in value. “Clean the vehicle inside and out,” she says. “Detailing the car is like staging a home for resale.”

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Does cleanliness affect car appraisal?

First impressions are everything – Remember you’re selling your car to the car dealership. If your car is clean, the appraiser will be more likely to think you take care of your car and also must do the preventive maintenance (oil changes, fluid checks, etc.).

How do I prepare my car for resale?

Tips to Sell Your Car

  1. Wash & vacuum; wax is optional.
  2. Clear out all of your belongings. Your entire car and trunk should be empty.
  3. Wipe down your wheels, hubcaps and dashboard with car cleaning products so it looks new.
  4. Clean mirrors and windows inside and out.
  5. Wipe down leather seats with a leather cleaner.

How do I prepare a car for a private sale?

Prepare to sell your car

  1. Collect your documentation. …
  2. Clean your vehicle. …
  3. Get an inspection. …
  4. Fill out official transfer forms. …
  5. Disclose odometer reading. …
  6. Get a smog check. …
  7. Forms needed for special circumstances. …
  8. Take pictures.

What increases car value?

Keeping up with regular maintenance, making repairs, upgrading the features, having the right documentation and getting your car appraised by a professional can all help raise the value of your vehicle when you sell it.

Does ceramic coating add value?

It provides a high-performance layer of protection against the elements, environmental contaminants and UV rays. By adding gloss and enhancing the depth and clarity of your car’s paint, ceramic paint coating adds value to your vehicle while preserving its appearance.

Does ceramic coating increase car value?

Nope. In fact, adding Ceramic Pro to the exterior of a vehicle can only help maintain and increase the resale value. With the addition of Ceramic Pro to a vehicle, the car adds an incredibly valuable layer of nano-ceramic coating that mitigates damage, provides added UV protection and minimizes premature aging.

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What do car dealers use for trade in value?


While Black Book is mostly used by dealers, Kelley Blue Book (Not spelled Kelly Blue Book without the “e”) is mostly used by individuals looking to trade in or sell their vehicles. Since 1926, Kelley Blue Book has been one of the best-known names in the auto industry.

Should I replace my windshield before trading in my car?

This is because a dealership will need to replace the windshield before they sell the car. A general rule of thumb, it is worth it to replace the windshield on your car yourself if you plan on trading your car in or selling it to a dealership.

How long should you keep a car before trading it in?

How long should you keep a car before trading in? Ideally, you want to keep a car for a few years after it is paid off before you trade it in. This way, you get to enjoy the benefits of ownership. If you can’t or aren’t willing to wait that long, at least make sure you have positive equity in the loan.